Re: Jobs/archetypal anecdotes and nitty-gritty advice

Arthur L. Baron (abaron@STU.ATHABASCAU.CA)
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 10:18:03 MDT

What John has said here is important, I think. Personnel related duties were
part of my responsibilities at my last job and what John has formalized here is
what I now realize I had been doing unconsciously with respect to
reviewing resumes. The overriding concern was to match a particular set of
jobskills with the job being offered and sometimes one does get so focused on
pidgeon holing people that the greater set of skills are overlooked - this is
unfortunate and does come across as being unfair and blind as some other posts
have noted.

On many telephone interviews, those occassions when I talked to someone who
obviously opens their introduction with their credentials or formal education
and when pressed if they were up on a particular skill, many times these were
the people who would find reasons to excuse themselves from a further personal


> John's comments:
> As someone with a little experience on both sides of job interviews, I'll
> add a few observations.
> If you open with "I've got an MBA (MA....Ph.D.) from X" I may hear
> (1) lack of self-confidence
> (2) a sense of entitlement that may make you difficult to work with
> (3) lack of preparation; you don't seem to know what I'm looking for
> Contrast the above with, for example, "Your ad says that you're looking for
> X. Could you tell me a bit more about what the job entails?"
> Now I'm hearing,
> (3) preparation (You've read the ad and you know what it says.)
> (2) leveling (Speaking as one adult to another. You sound easy to work with.)
> (1) confidence (You aren't over-eager. You are looking into a possibility
> that might be mutually advantageous.)