Re: Jobs

Nedra Sue Davis (ndavis@VARUNA.ENG.LSU.EDU)
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 08:40:12 -0700

> --- Well, true in some cases, esp. in graphics. But the move to MS Word to
> WordPerfect (ie, staying within word processing) isn't so bad, and the
> basics could be learned in a week. I've done it. (I *had* to because I
> said I could to the prospective employer). The assumption is, that you
> already know one modern word processing program very well before shiftng to
> another. Most graduate students would, I think. And any way, heed my
> advice, grad students and undergrads -- go out and learn those things!
> Now! Doing a term paper? Get a graphics program and produce your own
> graphics. Go to the computer lab and learn to scan and insert a photograph
> into your paper. Draw maps with MacDrawPro (etc.), fiddle with color
> printers, do all these things. They will extend the time needed for your
> papers, but the experience could be valuable later. *Will* be valuable,
> rather! -- wt
I'm an anthro grad student working in the Civil Engineering Department.
My department did not/could not/ would not fund me so I applied all over
campus. When interviewing with this PhD Civil Prof., the questions were
mainly what computer skills do you have. So I did what I've done through
out my college career - I learned them quickly! I may not have been an
expert right out the box, but it did not take too much effort. NOw I use
Latex to write everything, and the computer skills I have learned are
going to get me the jobs I want, so pick up a manual one weekend!

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