request for help

Ineke van der Veen (inekev@EDUC.UVA.NL)
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 05:54:10 -0400

I am interested in researching ethnic minority pupils who are doing
well in school (secondary education). I would like to discover the
reason for their success. The title of my dissertation (in the making)
is: Successful ethnic minority pupils in secondary education.
There is little research done in the Netherlands about this subject.
Pretty well is known how well various ethnic minority groups are
performing. Many are doing not so well: more research (in the
Netherlands) is done about reasons of failure. The research that is
done, is rather descriptive.
- What research is done in other countries/ continents?
- What are the names of important researchers in this field?
- Are theories formulated? (I have read some work of Ogbu and Fordham)
- Are the reasons for success the same as reasons for failure?
There is a discussion going on in the Netherlands, whether the
differences in school careers between ethnic groups can be explained
by ethnic factors or socio-economic factors.
- Is there a similar discussion going on in other countries?

I look forward to your reactions.

Ineke van der Veen
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