Low-Cost Airfare on the Internet -Reply

Stephanie Wilson (swilson@CHEMONICS.COM)
Mon, 14 Oct 1996 14:53:46 -0400

Thought everyone might like to see this...

>>> Ross Burke 10/14/96 02:45pm >>>
A number of people have asked me about using the Internet to identify bargain airfares. Here
are some tips:

1. Expedia (beta.travel.msn.com). This is a Microsoft travel service which will send you emails
advising you of the lowest fares for up to three destinations. The service has just started, so it's
not yet clear how well it works.

2. USAIR (www.usair.com) has an "esaver" program that allows you to sign up for a weekly
email on fare bargains for the weekend. Travel generally must start on a Saturday, with
Sunday-Tuesday as the return day. The email usually comes out about 4-6 a.m. Wednesdays.
Sample fare: $79 for DCA-Rochester versus the current price of $178 (don't take that as
gospel, however--fares change pretty fast). To make reservations: Call 1-888-359-3728.

3. Continental (www.flycontinental.com) lists bargain fares on its home page. I haven't used this
and would be interested in feedback. To make reservations: Call 1-800-523-3273.

4. American (www.amrcorp.com) lets you log in your e-mail address and, like USAIR, will
send you a list of bargain fares each Wednesday. To make reservations: Call 1-800-344-6702.

Not sure what airlines fly to your destination? Need to find out what the regular fares would be?
Aside from Expedia, the Internet Travel Network (www.itn.com) is not a bad way to check out
available flights.

Know of any other good Internet-based ways to save money traveling? Please let me know.