Seeking info

Stephen Thomas Watkins (STWatkins@AOL.COM)
Sun, 13 Oct 1996 09:46:21 -0400

Mark Hanna Watkins [BS: Prairie View State College; AM/PhD: U of Chicago
'33]. Dissertation: "A Grammer of Chichewa: a Bantu Language of British
Central Africa." Taught at Fisk and Howard U's; perhaps elsewhere. My
sources tell me that he worked primarily on indigenous languages in Africa
and Latin America. I already have access to his scholarly works, but I need
some info on his career path, personal experiences, and self-reflections
thereon, as a researcher/acadmc in a late colonial context.

I'm researching/developing a long-standing pet project on 20th century
contributions made, challenges faced, etc, by US anthros/anthro symps of
color [eg: DuBois; Sinclair Drake; Zora Neale, et alli]. Additionally, there
is a personal stake: MH Watkins is kin [my F-F-B].

If anyone has come across vaguely related literature on the man or his peers
in research, coursework, or moments of idle shelf surfing, please let me
know. Also, would like to hear insights by anyone whose family legacy
includes an anthropologist in the woodpile; I suspect there's a lesson in
studying the connections between an ancestor's experiences and one's
own...don't know yet what it might be, though.