Re: Jobs

Marie K Conrad (mkconrad@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Sat, 12 Oct 1996 21:04:07 -0400

> assistant editor spot on a house organ at a university. The reason? She
> had no experience with Page Maker. My wife could learn Page Maker (or just
> about any software) in a week or less. How many people can make up for her
> I was once passed over for a job because I was familiar with SPSS instead
> of SAS! I thought a Ph.D., if nothing else, may at least demonstrate that
> I have the ability to think and learn.
Just a gripe in general - computer programs for most things are
not "learned" very efficiently or effectively "in a week." It drives me
nuts to hear people say they could learn and use specific programs,
especially graphics ones, in a short time. If that were true, then
everyone would be doing it! Using those tools requires more than just a
short prep period.
It stinks when smart, qualified people don't get the job that
they know they would excell at, but let's not go poking at easy targets
like technology when we try to find reasons to explain "why." It sort of
denigrates the hard work of people who make a living using that same
technology put into gaining the knowledge in the first place.

> Martin Cohen