Oxygen bars

cbelshaw (cbelshaw@MAIL.DIRECT.CA)
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 16:17:20 -9

Now the penny has dropped, the dime has clunked, the twoonie has
rolled. When I first read the query I thought it was something to do
with solid oxygen, like soap bars.How naive can I be?

Don't we have any Japanese ethnographers on our list? Oxygen bars
have been the current rage in Japan for quite a time, and such dens
of iniquity where you can get your sniff of revitalisation and
never-ending youth can be found in Toronto, Europe and I believe New
York (unless they've gone broke or been sabotaged with CO2).
Search press files for accounts.

Bye bye. Floatin' away*********

> Oxygen stations set up on the streets of Mexico City vend a breath of "fresh
> air" to pedestrians. People can inhale oxygen for a fee, supposedly to
> counteract the effects of air pollution. I'm only speculating, but I assume
> oxygen bars would provide some convivial, communal location for the selling and
> consumption of air (cf coffee bars).