Position announcement-Social Sci./Biodiversity

Fri, 11 Oct 1996 08:50:34 +0800

International Rice Research Institute

Position announcement for Affiliate Scientist

The Philippine-based International Rice Research
Institute (IRRI) is seeking an affiliate scientist for
its Genetic Resources Center. IRRI, supported by the
Consultative Group on International Agricultural
Research, is a nonprofit, autonomous organization
engaged in research and training on rice-related
technology. The research agenda for the Institute's
Genetic Resources Center is carried out in collaboration
with other scientific divisions of IRRI and researchers in
rice growing countries.

Applicants for this position should have a social scientist
background in such disciplines as anthropology or
sociology. The appointee will continue work on the
socioeconomic basis of on-farm conservation of rice
germplasm and will analyze village and household-level
data related to the management of rice varieties by
small-scale farmers in several Asian countries. While
much of the data has already been collected, the affiliate
scientist may have to conduct a small amount of
fieldwork and coordinate some data collection.
Candidates should have a Ph D degree in a relevant
discipline, with a particularly good understanding of
farmers' decision-making processes. They should also
have 1) a background in agriculture, 2) fieldwork
experience working with small-scale farmers in
developing countries (e.g., farmer interviews and
surveys, gender analysis), and 3) an ability to work in a
multidisciplinary setting. The affiliate scientist will
collaborate with a plant population geneticist, plant
breeders, and other social scientists of national programs
in Asia. Strong analytical skills are required, as well as
familiarity with multivariate analyses, multiple
regression, and nonparametric statistics. Recent
graduates are encouraged to apply.
The position is located at IRRI's headquarters south of
Manila and involves moderate international travel.
Salary and perquisites for the position are internationally
competitive. The Institute welcomes women applicants.
Suitable candidates will be interviewed during the
second half of November. The duration of the
appointment will be 2 years from 1 January 1997.
Send a comprehensive curriculum vitae and names,
addresses, and fax numbers of three referees,
by 31 October 1996 to:
Dr. M.T. Jackson
Head, Genetic Resources Center
International Rice Research Institute
P.O. Box 933, Manila 1099, Philippines
Tel: (63-2) 818 1926; Fax: (63-2) 891-1292
Email: m.jackson@cgnet.com