Education & Jobs

Chuck Coker (cjcoker@CRIS.COM)
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 11:01:36 -0700

The following two lines are taken from a (not unusual) job announcement
in the United States:

> Qualifications Required: MA or equivalent education ...

> Salary: Mid 20s, plus benefits.

Let's see ... With all this money, one would be able to pay off a
student loan by retirement time.

The job applicant with the Master's Degree will make twice as much as
the kid in high school working at the local McDonald's. (Minimum wage
is going up in the US in the near future.) However, the person with
the Master's Degree will still not be making as much money as my wife
makes driving a city transit bus with a GED (high school equivalency).

Now how much did they tell me my college education was worth?

It is a good thing that many of us do what we do because we love the
work--we sure can't be here for the money!

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