Flash: Linguists Disagree! Incompetence Results!

hjmartin (hatch@RICHMOND.INFI.NET)
Mon, 7 Oct 1996 12:29:01 -0400

Are you contradicting *The Cambridge Encylopedia of Language*? On what

Timothy Mason points out:
Oh dear, oh dear. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language is the work of one
man... /.../ He has produced a very useful work of reference - and linguists
will probably be contradicting it for some time to come.

Jesse Cook 3 responds to Timothy Mason:
He is at least competent enough that Cambridge felt his work was worthy of
having its name put on it, which is a great deal more than can be said for
the one who contradicted it.

Hmm. Let's think about this.

One linguist wrote a book. The book was published by a publisher.

One other linguist did not write this book. The book that the linguist did
not write was not published by a publisher.

The linguist who did not write the book disagreed with something in the book.

Therefore, the linguist who did not write the book is not competent enough
to have written the published book for the publisher that did not publish
the book he did not write. The linguist who wrote the published book is
competent enough to have written the book that the publisher did publish.


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