Demographics re: "Sesame Street"

Sheldon Klein (sklein@CS.WISC.EDU)
Tue, 1 Oct 1996 02:36:10 -0500

My impression upon reading the responses and evaluating anecdotal
evidence over many years is that reactions to Sesame Street
are generational:
Those who were raised with it tend to appreciate its memory.

Those who had their formative years before such stuff emerged
tend to react to Sesame Street as some do to OP ART--
i.e. attempts to concentrate on the form/content
causes eyestrain or headaches.

Primary & Secondary school teachers of this older group
tend to be the most vocal about the damage done to the minds
of children by 'Sesame Street media offerings' (I use the term

To those who love the stuff (perhaps like a fondly remembered teddy bear?)
--smart kids will learn a lot not matter what -- in or out of school.
Its likely not possible to test the view that the post-'Sesame Stree'
generation might have learned much more had they come upon high-level
integrated knowledge structures at an early age to mediate future
acquisition of knowledge.

Sheldon Klein