Computer skills anthros need

Karoline M. Hermes (U25414@UICVM.BITNET)
Mon, 30 Oct 1995 15:48:32 CST

I'm looking for some working anthros/archs that have up to the minute
info on what computer skills are being used now in anthropology. What
programs, software, hardware, databases etc are essential? Also, what's
the best way to get those skills, and where, in your opinion? A class?
On the job? This info is for an article I'm writing for a newsletter that
goes out to adult (older!) college students. Most of us are somewhat
computer-phobic, myself included, and I'm just telling the story on how I
went about getting my information (being an anthro major) and my own
learning process. Besides, I really do need this info anyway!
Respond by mailing, Thanks in advance. Karoline Hermes