Evolutionary Anthropology Query

Bosley_J (BosleyJ@ORE.PSB.BLS.GOV)
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 16:43:00 EDT

Hi! I'm a newcomer to the list and an unintentional lurker due to the fact
that I had the wrong address to post to the list so was only receiving mail
until Hugh Jarvis straightened me out. I'm a psychologist who works at the
Bureau of Labor Statistics, but anthropology is my second most favorite
social discipline--don't want to say "science" in my first post and provoke
a flame salvo from the humanities partisans!

I wanted to get a modest amount of input on how members of the list regard
the sub-discipline that I've heard called by various labels but
"evolutionary anthropology" will do as well as any. This would be the
anthropological counterpart of the "evolutionary psych" or "behavioral
ecology" subdiscipline. This question was raised by a colleague--an
economist-- who had been reading Robert Wright's "The Moral Animal," and who
asked me how the underlying "ev psych" research was generally regarded in
the field. Since I've been out of academia doing applied research in
industry for a long time, I wasn't really able to respond very well but the
question did interest me. I've got queries out to some lists in psychology,
but sincet there appears to be a parallel enterprise in anthropology, I
thought I'd ask here also.

Any inputs appreciated, especially if you'll point me to good
reviews/critiques or other summary kinds of publications--of course I'd be
delighted to hear from any individuals on the list who have expertise in
this sub-field, or just have viewpoints, but this may be old stuff for the
list and I don't want to ask for a recap of material that's already appeared
here. As a matter of fact, if anyone thinks that a public response to this
query is inappropriate because of lack of interest, please send me a message
at my own mailbox, which is Bosley_J@bls.gov.

TIA, and I'm really enjoying this list!!

John Bosley