Wanted: AAA roommates

Tue, 24 Oct 1995 16:28:17 EST5EDT

Two grad students at Univ. S. Carolina are looking for 2-4 other
bodies to take up space in a hotel room and lower everyone's cost.

The hotel is a Days Inn (I think; that sort, at least) in Maryland
outside of Washington. However, it is 1 1/2 blocks from a stop on
the same metro line as DuPont Circle (the nearest stop to the Hilton,
about a 10 min. walk), and the metro runs until shortly after
midnight, so it shouldn't put much of a cramp in your schmoozing

We are getting a room for Wed-Sat nights, inclusive. Base rate is
$69+tax, 2P/2B, with charges for extra people being $10 per extra
person per night. (And, if I get my free trial membership in
Citibank's halfprice hotelclub in time, potentially half that). So
for three people including us, that's about $126/person for the four
nights; four people, about $105. (And that's if we actually tell
them about extra people). Metro fares are probably $3-4 round trip,
each trip (depending on whether you go during rush hour).

The only catch, if such it is, is that my roommate-to-be is a guy.
But he shared a room with me and three other women at the AAAs in
Atlanta last year and wasn't any trouble. He even volunteered to
sleep on the floor every night.

Rebecca Lynn Johnson

Rebecca Lynn Johnson
Dept. of Anthropology
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

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