Re: Casas Grande (fwd)

Elissa Beach (ebeach@ACAD.STEDWARDS.EDU)
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 21:30:36 CDT

This response was sent to me by Dr. Kay Sutherland, Associate Professor of
Anthropology at St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas.

> Yes, the trip to Casas Grandes (known as Paquime by Mexican archaeologists)
> is worth going to because it was a port of trade, 20,000 people, in a
> beautiful valley, with pyramids, ballcourts, apartment houses for traders,
> maguey pits to make pulque for lonely traders, etc. It is a national
> monument, there is an archaeologist on duty and it is kept up. It is also
> worth going to to buy the gorgeous Casas grandes pottery replicas that
> rival Mimbres pottery and to stay at the pleasant Motel Pinon. Good places
> to eat, Mormons live nearby in a colony. I took a group of students June
> 1995. IT was fun. Kay Sutherland.

I was one of the students on that trip and have to add that it is
spectacular. While walking around in the site, I noticed one of the
walls had a shard of broken pottery in it - talk about recycling. Cool!

Elissa Beach