Call for Papers

Matthew Cooper (cooper@MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA)
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 11:05:49 -0400

=09=09=09CASCA XXIII


The CANADIAN ANTHROPOLOGY SOCIETY invites you to participate in its 23rd=20
Annual Meeting, to be held in conjunction with the Learned Societies=20
Conference at Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, 26 - 28 May=20

The broad theme of the Meeting is Creation, Loss, Re-creation:=20
Approaching the Millennium, which we hope will provoke reflection on some
of the most important issues of our times. For those who choose not to
address this theme, however, submissions may focus on any aspect of
sociocultural anthropology. CASCA encourages and welcomes a diversity of
perspectives and forms of participation. In our experience, organized
symposia and interactive workshops produce the most intellectually
satisfying sessions. Therefore, we urge you to consider organizing a


The programme of CASCA XXIII will include 4 types of sessions:

A.=09Symposia include papers and discussion organized around a theme.=20
=09Symposia will be organized in 90 minute blocks, each of which will=20
=09include 3 to 5 papers. Presentations will be limited to 15 minutes in=20
=09order to leave time for discussion. Organizers submit a 75 - 100 word=20
=09abstract of the session's purpose and scope. As well, the organizers=20
=09gather individual 100-word abstracts from participants. All materials=20
=09should be submitted together by the organizer.

B.=09Free Sessions include papers submitted by individuals that are=20
=09not associated with an organized symposium. Presentations will be limite=
=09to 15 minutes in order to leave time for discussion. An abstract of 75 -=
=09100 words should be submitted on the enclosed form.=20

C.=09Workshops are interactive discussions by 4 or more presenters=20
=09with active audience involvement. They may also involve film or video=20
=09presentations. Workshop organizers should plan to devote about half of=
=09the 90 minute session to group participation. The focus in workshops is=
=09on interaction amongst presenters and audience participants. Organizers=
=09should submit an abstract of 75 - 100 words detailing the aims and forma=
=09of the workshop.

D.=09Interactive Poster Sessions include presentations of papers and=20
=09aim to stimulate one-on-one discussion between presenters and viewers. W=
=09encourage those who have not given poster papers before to consider this=
=09type of participation. In our experience, it produces a much more=20
=09satisfying level of intellectual interaction than do many traditional=20
=09paper sessions. Abstracts of 75 - 100 words should be submitted on the=
=09enclosed form. Those choosing to present poster papers will receive=20
=09detailed instructions for preparing their presentation.


=09In parallel with the Annual Meetings, there will be a=20
Distinguished Invited Colloquium meeting at 11 AM each day; all are urged=
to attend. The general theme will be Representation in the Postcolonial=20
Order: Symbolizing Society, the Body, and the Other. The colloquium seeks=
to address a broad range of issues, including the politics and pragmatics=
of textualization, the blurring of boundaries between anthropology and=20
fiction, and the embodiment of cultural knowledge. Some of those invited=20
to participate include: Gilles Bibeau (Montr=E9al), Janice Boddy (Toronto),=
Jean Comaroff (Chicago), Michael Lambek (Toronto), Fran=E7ois Laplantine=20
(Lyon), Margaret Lock (McGill), and Francine Saillant (Laval),.


1. All submissions require:

a.=09 Submission Sheet (see form provided)

b.=09 Abstract - 4 copies plus disk copy preferably in WordPerfect but almo=
st any IBM word processor format will=20
be acceptable. Abstracts must be provided both in English and French. Inade=
quate translations will be returned or a translation fee requested.=20
If you want us to translate your abstract, please enclose a cheque for $30 =
with your submission made out to "Casca96".

c.=09 Self-addressed Stamped Postcard - for=20
acknowledgement of receipt of your submission. Not necessary if your=20
submission is sent by E-mail.

2.=09Deadline for submissions:

=09=0915 December 1995

3.=09 =09If at all possible, submit all materials by E-mail. We=20
hope to conduct as much correspondence as possible by E-mail. For those=20
submitting by E-mail, please send a disk and hard copy as well.

4.=09Please provide your abstract on a separate page in the following forma=

=09Text (75 - 100 words)
=09KEYWORDS: up to 5 keywords for indexing purposes

5. =09Registration, Accommodation, and Local Arrangements:

=09The Learned Societies Conference Secretariat will handle=20
registration, accommodations, child care, parking, and other local=20
arrangements. You will receive a packet of materials directly from them.=20
All registration fees are to be sent directly to the Learned Societies=20

6.=09CASCA Membership:

=09All conference participants must be members in good standing of=20
CASCA in order to participate in the Annual Meetings. Please send your=20
membership application or renewal and payment directly to=20

=09=09CASCA, c/o Ms. L. Oren,=20
=09=09Department of Sociology & Anthropology
=09=09Concordia University
=09=091455 de Maisonneuve West
=09=09Montreal, Quebec H3G IM8

7.=09Send all submissions and requests for information to:

=09=09Matthew Cooper
=09=09Programme Chair, CASCA XXIII
=09=09Dept of Anthropology, McMaster University
=09=09Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4L9

=09=09Ph. (905)525-9140 X23911=09Fax. (905)522-5993


Cut here and return:


Last name, First name: ________________________, __________________________=
=09=09=09(organizer name, if group session)

Affiliation: ______________________________________________________________=

Address: =09______________________________ E-mail: _______________________





Title of Submission:=09____________________________________________________=

=09=09=09(One session per submission sheet, please)

Type of Submission: (see definitions):
=09Symposium _____=09=09=09=09Free Session _____
=09Workshop _____=09=09=09=09Poster Session _____

Abstract enclosed: _____=09=09=09=09Translation=20
enclosed: _____

If translation is not enclosed: Cheque enclosed for translation fee: _____

Audiovisual Needs:
=09Overhead projector _____=09=09=09VCR & monitor _____
=09Slide projector _____=09=09=09=09Film projector _____

Other Participants: Organizers of proposed group sessions should provide=20
here the names of all group participants.

Send by 15 December to :=20

Matthew Cooper =09=09=09=09E-mail:
Programme Chair, CASCA XXIII
Dept of Anthropology, McMaster University=09Fax. (905)522-5993
Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4L9