AAA drinks vs events

Sat, 21 Oct 1995 12:30:53 +1200

Oh no, not again, you're saying. Yeah, sorry.

I finally managed to check the programme for what I thought was on Friday
evening. Thought I would post it for the info of others who haven't
thought of Fri re Thurs.

Friday 6:15-7:30 or 8 is the main slot for organization business mtgs. I
myself usually go to SAEurope, foregoing SEconA; also meeting then are
Humanistic, Cultural, Medical, Urban, Ling, several more plus the thing for
Netting and one on Women in Anth. I find the business mtgs a good place to
meet people and hear about what panels are being organized for next year.

Then at 8-10 is Gellner's talk.

On Thurs by contrast there are only 2 mtgs 6:15-7:30, Psych and Africanist,
and the main event is the AAA Business mtg. Of course, that makes it the
best night for dinner with old friends as well as meeting new ones. <sigh>
I always find it hard to choose between social and academic at these mtgs.

As to organization of this thing, I could be way off, but I sort of
visualized a loose gathering where people including lurkers would feel
comfortable drifting in, not a reserved seats for x people fixed group.
That openess would fill a need I've seen at previous meetings for people
new to anth or the meetings and not very outgoing to find ways to meet
people. I don't know how to do it, but I'm for making it as open and
user-friendly as we possibly can. I think that might include having the
place designated so latecomers can drift in.

A possibility we haven't considered is late night drinks or coffee. WOuld
anyone like to meet Friday after Gellner's talk, eg? or Thurs late for
that matter. e-mail me direct [] if you are
interested, and I'll post a summary view, sso as to avoid another round of
to-ing anf fro-ing.