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Volume 3 of "Early Desert Farming and Irrigation Settlements:
Archaeological Investigations in the Phoenix Sky Harbor Center" will be
available soon. This volume focuses on the excavations at Pueblo Salado, a
Classic period village site on the floodplain of the Salt River. To order
your copy of this important report or to obtain other volumes in the SWCA
series, contact Richard Ahlstrom at (520) 325-9194 in Tucson, or David
Greenwald at (520) 774-5500 in Flagstaff.

Early Desert Farming and lrrigation Settlements.- Archaeological
Investigations in the Phoenix Sky Harbor Center. Pueblo Salado. SWCA
Anthropological Research
Paper No. 4, Vol. 3. 1995. Available from SWCA's Flagstaff and Tucson
offices. $25.00. Four-volume set: $80.00.