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Date: Tue, 17 Oct 95 07:53:00 MST
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Subject: FW: ACRA National Conference

On October 7 and 8, the American Cultural Resources Association had its
first national conference in Washington D.C. Over 80 attendees
participated in six workshops and panel discussions on topics ranging
from governmental affairs, to Section 106 compliance, to meeting
insurance needs, marketing and business management. Speakers included
the heads of various national preservation lobbying organizations and
federal agencies such as the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
and the Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places.

Two results of the conference should be of particular interest to members of
the Internet community. The first is that ACRA will shortly announce a new
listserv dealing with CRM where persons interested in cultural resource and
business issues, such as our recent lobbying efforts, can keep up with
current issues without disturbing the other lists. Brief announcements will
be made to the Net from time to time with directions on how to download more
indepth files on particular issues. This should cut down on long postings,
and provide readily accessible background data and a discussion forum for
those who desire it without unduly disturbing those who do not.

The second is that of the 80 attendees at the conference, only two were
students. One was a graduate student in history and the other a graduate
student in archaeology. Of the remaining attendees over 60 were owners or
officers of firms who have the power to hire such students. These two
students were, needless to say, the center of much attention as many firms
scramble to find ambitious, hard working, imaginative and well-qualified
entry level staff. Where else could those seeking employment in the private
sector make such contacts? Food for thought.

Next year the conference will be in Sacramento, California. The exact date
has not been set, but it will be in October.

Tom Wheaton
Executive Director
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