Public Benefits of Archaeology Conference

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Tue, 17 Oct 1995 12:26:34 -0400

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Friends of archaeology are invited to attend a conference on the Public
Benefits of Archaeology, November 5-8, 1995, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
While registration is limited, several "seats" are still available.

Reflecting a wide variety of interests and agendas, the structure of this
conference is designed to support active discussion among the
participants, who will represent a variety of disciplines and
viewpoints. The conference will cover a broad range of general themes
and issues, based on pragmatic applications and experience, which address
the benefits of archaeological sites. The eventual product of this
meeting will be a publication that discusses the value of recognizing,
studying, preserving, and interpreting archaeological sites.

The conference and the publication will illuminate multiple public
benefits of learning about the past, and will address multiple audiences
for archaeology: visitors to archaeological sites, museums, and parks;
teachers and students; avocational archaeologists; community planners;
descendant communities and other local communities; tourists;
journalists; political leaders; historians; environmentalists and
others. The conference includes a visit to Pecos National Monument.

Sponsors of the conference are:
National Park Service
Society for American Archaeology
Society for Historical Archaeology
National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers
National Trust for Historic Preservation
New Mexico State Historic Preservation Office

The registration fee is $50. A program and additional information can be
faxed to you by contacting Barbara Little at the national Register of
Historic Places (telephone 202-343-9513, fax 202-343-1836).