Re: bibliography data

David T. Hughes (dthughes@CS.TWSU.EDU)
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 13:31:47 -0500

On Mon, 16 Oct 1995, Adrienne Dearmas wrote:

> >I'm looking for a good bibliography data base for a project. We've used
> I am interested in this too. I am writing a bibliography but its on

I've been using Library Master (3.0) for some time now and like it a
lot. The program allows for an enormous variety of record types, from
journal articles, to archived correspondence, articles in symposia
proceedings, and about anything else you could think of, and you can
'roll your own' if the couple of dozen formats they have don't suit. It
also permits import and export from a variety of formats, so you can take
your dBase notes, on-line search results and the like and fairly easily
run them into the program. It will accept four or five pages of notes
for each entry and the final output can be as a file (including WP6.0,
MSword RTF, ascii etc.) or printed in AA AmAntiq or other style.

If that is not enough, it will also subset by keyword searches on
subject fields as well as the title etc., and allows you to mark records
for using in a given project.

If you haven't caught on, I like the program a lot.

An old email address for the company that may still be good was
and a discussion group at
then subscribe LIBMASTER your name

David T. Hughes