Re: Anthro-L at the AAA

Adrienne Dearmas (DearmasA@AOL.COM)
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 14:13:19 -0400

In a message dated 95-10-15 00:21:54 EDT, rohrlich@GWIS2.CIRC.GWU.EDU (Ruby
Rohrlich) writes:

>So far, we're meeting Friday, between 6 and 7, but are not certain where.
>Would the person who said she works in an Adams-Morgan bar, around the
>corner from the Hilton, please speak up about this again, and tell us if
>we can get a big round ta ble for a bout l2 people, so far. And here they
>are, not alphabetically listed:John McCreery (who started all this),
>Patsy Evans (who works at the AAA), Ruby Rohrlich, Jim Martin, Maria (I
>lost the surname), Meredith Bruns, Denise O'Brien, Alayne Unter berger,
>Elizabeth Vance,Walmarie Soler,La ura Munzel. There is also a meeting
>for Thursday, with Diane Bennett, John McCreery, perhaps Rub y Rohrlich.
>Where would you suggest, Diane and John. I'm somewhat new to Washington,
>and I don'lt usually hang out at the Hilton. Ruby Rohrlich

I am definately in, more likely Thursday night than Friday. However, if you
want to come to the bar that I work at on Friday night, I can get you a
reservation. If we want to get together Thursday night, I can get us a
reservation there too. Does this mean we are not meeting at the hilton? What
about the pool/darts bar I mentioned earlier?

- Adrienne DeArmas (in DC)