1996 Rock Art Field School at Deadman Wash (fwd)

Adrienne Dearmas (DearmasA@AOL.COM)
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 14:13:15 -0400

-13 07:40:20 EDT, mhhill@WATARTS.UWATERLOO.CA
(Matthew Hill) writes:

>> Thursday evening would be good for me. I'll get the name of a roomy bar
>> at the Hilton. Time? Hey, John and Patsy, are you reading? And what ab
>> out the other respondents? Ruby
>Part of the reason I'm always amazed that the AAA keeps going back to the
>Hilton is that there are no roomy bars. A more difficult hotel for
>socialization on the whole I have rarely seen.

So very true, but in such a conservative town, do you think they would let
anthropologists stay at the Mayflower? No, they like to keep us close to
Dupont where we won't stand out :) Actually, just had a brainstorm! There is
a very cool pool/dart bar up the street (downhill coming home) that might be
perfect. Big, overstuffed couches, fairly quiet and music only when someone
plays the jukebox. Called Bedrock Billiards. It is smoky tho if that's a
problem. I don't care cuz I smoke, but...

- Adrienne