Re: Mysticism and Monopoly Capitalism.

Fri, 13 Oct 1995 19:03:59 -0400

can be examined both in its realtion to economics and other ways. She did
not critique me on the issues but chose to harrangue me with assumptions
about my politics and without actually knowing anything about me.
She also supposed that we are to be impressed with quoptations from Lenin.
When did Lenin become some sort of prophet?
I never stated that I beleive that America was classless, etc. So with
you all witnessing I will ask her some questions
Why don't you critique my position rather than these ad hominum attacks
on me? Why not just state your case rather than hiding behind labels and
quotations? Marxist thought is very interesting, except when Marx and
Lenin are quoted as if they represent some sort of biblical prophet.
I am more impressed by reasoned arguments than ideological
demonstrations. I am willing to listen to views other than my own, if you
have a postion to present, than fpresent it. Dismissing something as
bourgeois is not an argument, it equivalent to someone dismissing an
argument by simply labelling it "marxist". Labels are not an argument!!!!
I also cannot imagine why are you so enamored with a tyrant. I
consider Lenin and the Soviet Tyranny to be a betrayel of Marx's dream for a
better society. The gulags, torture and terror did not begin with Stalin.
In the quest for social justice, the history of this century has demonstrated
that the ends do not necessarily justify the means. What happens that social
justice somehow gets lost along the way.