Re: AAA Anyone?

Meredith Bruns (wumpb@TTACS.TTU.EDU)
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 09:07:38 -0600

Thurs. "cocktail hour", any bar, any place, OK by me...
Meredith Bruns

On Fri, 13 Oct 1995, John McCreery wrote:

> Adrienne Dearmas writes,
> ">Will it be possible to schedule an Anthro-L get=together? How do we get
> >started on that? Ruby Rohrlich
> Well, we are both here in town and although I am panicked about getting my
> poster session together and new to Anthro-L, I would be willing to help. I
> doubt we can get a conference room per se but I work at a bar in Adams Morgan
> (right around the corner from the Hilton), maybe we can do a happy hour. I'm
> sure I could get us discount drafts if we had enough people interested? What
> say all?"
> I'd say, "I'm game."
> There has been a suggestion of Thursday night, which is fine with me, but Maria
> Swora says that Thursday is bad for her. I'd be agreeable to Friday as an altern
> ative.Or,with such good company, both nights.:-) Saturday's my only bad night.
> I hope to be in Annapolis, celebrating a Navy victory over Tulane with
> K.M. (Kate) McCreery, Class of '98. That's kinship, folks. :-)))
> John McCreery