Re: AAA anyone?

Fri, 13 Oct 1995 17:51:25 +1200

Meredith, Ruby and others,

If we are talking about a largish, open gathering vs 6-10 people who all
know each other on sight, a non-Hilton Bar will be much better. Unless
Hilton has improved a lot, those bars are always packed so big groups and
circulating are not possible. A place where we can mingle would be much
nicer for the open gathering I assume people are suggesting. If not
Adams-Morgan, then maybe one of the other meeting hotels.

I would also, however, be happy to meet in smaller groups that are more
pre-arranged. But I do think at least one gathering in an open place where
lurkers feel welcome to join in is a must. Actually, we could probably get
the Hilton to serve us drinks in an empty meeting room after the main
sessions end, but it probably wouldn't be cheap.

Well, I should stop thinking about the socializing at AAA and give a
modicum of thought to writing my paper. sigh