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POPPER ON LISTSERV@SJUVM.STJOHNS.EDU - Philosophy of Science Discussion

Popper is a moderated discussion list meant for scholars
engaged in any kind of sientific or philosophical endeavour
deeply concerned with, and committed to, the defence and
fostering of the Scientific Method, Rationalism and
Humanitarianism. Discussion on this list is intended to
reflect Sir Karl R. Popper's main concerns: his attachment
to Critical Rationalism, and his commitment to Democratic
Humanitarianism, both inextricably imbricated to the extent
that the feeling of Reason above individualism implies the
ethical decision to believe in the Unity of Mankind and the
radical rejection of any kind of authoritarianism.
The Popper mailing list for discussions of Popper's
multiplex views on Epistemology, the Scientific Method,
Social and Political Issues, his involvent in the Philosophy of
Mind, his controversial revisions of the Pre-Socratic
philosophers, Plato, Hegel and Marx, and so on,
welcomes contributions from professionals and academics
currently engaged in any kind of scholarly endeavour linked
with the humanities, either from a purely theoretical
viewpoint or as means to buttress scientific pursuits
-research projects, etc.- within a reliable epistemological

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