Re: AAA Anyone?

John McCreery (JLM@TWICS.COM)
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 00:12:52 +0900

Adrienne Dearmas writes,

">Will it be possible to schedule an Anthro-L get=together? How do we get
>started on that? Ruby Rohrlich

Well, we are both here in town and although I am panicked about getting my
poster session together and new to Anthro-L, I would be willing to help. I
doubt we can get a conference room per se but I work at a bar in Adams Morgan
(right around the corner from the Hilton), maybe we can do a happy hour. I'm
sure I could get us discount drafts if we had enough people interested? What
say all?"

I'd say, "I'm game."

There has been a suggestion of Thursday night, which is fine with me, but Maria
Swora says that Thursday is bad for her. I'd be agreeable to Friday as an alternative.Or,with such good company, both nights.:-) Saturday's my only bad night.
I hope to be in Annapolis, celebrating a Navy victory over Tulane with
K.M. (Kate) McCreery, Class of '98. That's kinship, folks. :-)))

John McCreery