science & thingies that go bang in medie

Wed, 11 Oct 1995 23:38:00 PDT

Foss writes:

" As I see it, the non-culture-specific discussion of science should begin
with an Olympian perspective where we ask, "What is the permissible latitude
whereby or wherein 'science' should look 'scientific' to its practitioners
(as well as nonpractitioners)? To put it another way, is the currently-
observable aggregation, in Western science, of empirical investigation with
formal reason the only possible aggregation of modes of thought which may
be considered scientific?"

Foss has nicely distinguished between "being scientific" versus "looking
scientific," a distinction that is often lost and underscores what is being
missed by critiques of science that try to frame science as being solely a
"European culture" construct.

D. Read