NZ repatriation Fellowships

Thu, 12 Oct 1995 11:33:16 +1200

>From time to time people have asked me about jobs and research in New
Zealand. Some of them have been Kiwis who would like to return. I've just
learned about a new programs financed by the Lotteries Board--your gambling
dollar at work--to "permit researchers to return to NZ to undertake
research and disseminate the specialist knowledge they have obtained

Applicants must be NZ citizens, undertake approved research in NZ for at
least 1 year, not be studying for a higher degree during that year.
Postdocs are prefered. They give up to $75,000 NZ (about 50,000 US) which
can cover research costs, fellows salary, travel costs and other costs of
moving fellow and family TO NZ. The caps were no accident--cost of return
travel out of NZ is specifically not included.

This could be a great opportunity if you happen to fall in the right little
niche and want to return to NZ for a year or more. If you want more
information contact me--including a FAX number might be helpful. Feel free
to pass this on to any anthropologists you think might benefit.

And I'll be at the AAA (at Hilton) if anyone wants to talk over "approved

Dr Diane Bennett (
Chairperson and Senior Lecturer
Department of Anthropology
Victoria University
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Wellington, New Zealand

FAX 64-4-495-5064
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