Tue, 10 Oct 1995 08:30:59 EWT

Matt Tomasso mentions clifford's exegisis on the Mashpee case as "marginally
post modern". My own take on that article is that it is so marginal as to be
useless even as eyewitness. Clifford does not understand the basic literature
on the "problem of tribe" and so misunderstands Bill Sturtevant's testimony.
[It has been some years since I read the article so I might "overstate" that,
but it essentailly remains my feeling that I have had no need to go back to
look at it again. ]{{It is also unfortunate that if one applies Service's
notion of tribe to the Mashpee case, one can understand that "tribes" do
come in and go out of political existence as the situation changes; the US
demands that they remain in continuous existence to have legal standing.]]