Anthropology of the Senses

Mon, 9 Oct 1995 12:31:07 -0400

Dear Listmembers,

Is anyone out there active or interested in the "anthropology of the
senses" - how the senses are classified in various societies, how and
with what effect they are used or deployed in particular social contexts,
how societies may revise their evaluation of them over time, how they
can intervene in cross-cultural contacts and analysis, etc.?

I'm familiar with Stoller's *Taste of Ethnographic Things*, Howe's
*Varieties of Sensory Experience* and Classen's *Worlds of Sense*, and
I've written a couple of law review articles myself on the relationship
between the senses and law (in the contexts of performance and
metaphor), but I'd be most interested in hearing from people who are
doing or contemplating new work in the area (or, for that matter, from
those who just have an opinion on the place of the senses in
anthropological study).

If you prefer to reply privately to this post, please e-mail me at

Many thanks.

Bernard J. Hibbitts
Associate Professor
University of Pittsburgh
School of Law