Re: Science and Religion

Martin Ottenheimer (omar@KSU.KSU.EDU)
Mon, 9 Oct 1995 10:37:20 -0600

While I agree with Read's comments about the assumptions concerning
Thermodynamics there are still grounds upon which people who are
doing science stand which are accepted as basic axioms without
testing much as there are those in religion. These concern the very
nature of the enterprise: viz, that there are natural rules governing
objects which are knowable, etc.

I think the discussion has fallen into the old trap of assuming there are
objects called science and religion or groups called scientists and
religious adherents which are opposed or have contradictory
attributes. To me, it is more useful to think of the activity of
science being much as several have described it; i.e., questioning,
searching, and verifying while the activity of religion revolving
around faith and using basic assumptions. Doing this allows one to realize
that most people categorized as scientific or religious do both.

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