Scientific Faith

David Roland Strong (david306@CLUBHOUSE.EMAIL.NET)
Mon, 9 Oct 1995 07:40:42 CDT

must exist. One example I can give is that of doing an experiment
in a laboratory. No matter how many times it is done, or in how
many places or conditions, the assumption must be made that doing it
again will produce the same or similar results. Logic and reason
can tell us that it will, but only some sort of faith can allow us
to let it rest and move on to something else.
This does not mean that science is not true and accurate.
And I am not criticizing scientists. I would say that for a
scientist to assume that her or his own personal views about
religion should matter to me or anyone else is reaching beyond that
person's qualifications unless they know something I don't. The
ultra right-wing that drapes itself in flags and crosses has nothing
to do with my definition of faith, Christianity, the life of Jesus,
the existence of soul, or how to treat other people.
Every empire that has ever existed has fallen. People
continue to be born and to die - we need to look underneath our
labels and learn how to live with each other. Anything that helps
should be encouraged and anything that hurts should be discouraged.
David Roland Strong
Austin Texas USA