religion, science, race

Sat, 7 Oct 1995 16:46:45 EST

I think that what Danny Yee was referring to, in the science/religion
differentiation, was what J. Kotliar, D. Read and M. Tomaso have
already discussed; namely that each system functions within a set of
a priori assumptions that one accepts without tests. But in the long
run, the assumptions of science are more immediately accountable to
empirical pressure, while those of religion are less accessible. eg.
The assumptions of Newtonian science could not explain the phenomena
of atomic interaction well enough..and so quantum assumptions had to
take over. Religious assumptions can be questioned and can certainly
change (eg the Lutheran/Protestant and etc devts), but I think
religious assumptions are based more on social viability than
physical data. In this sense, both have to be accountable and
meaningful within that particular society. I would predict, that with
quantum physics dominant, we will see an increasing set of religious
assumptions that devalue the single 'god', the monologic power of
ultimate authority, and a perspective that permits multiple and even
conflictual abstract causalities. Back to the Greek gods, and their
fights with themselves and with humans.

As for participation..I think that acritical participation, wherein
one accepts the assumptions, and critical participation, wherein one
questions those assumptions, are two quite different things. It is
very difficult to question any assumptions, be they held within
religion or science. After all, where would the theory be, without
its assumptions?

Final note: I very much liked Mike Carson's comments on race. Did you
know that in the next Canadian census, 'they' are going to have a
question asking for your race. I haven't seen all the categories, and
hope someone will correct me if I am wrong, but they are apparently
listing such 'groups' as Latin American, race. Also,
according to the media, there is a $500.00 fine for not answering. I
am collecting my pennies now.

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