More on Anthropological humor - Help! II

karl h schwerin (schwerin@UNM.EDU)
Sat, 7 Oct 1995 07:15:57 -0600

>From the "Chronicle of Higher Education:"

"The Chronicle'*s calendar of events in academe will be published next
week. But one title is too good to wait: "Bed Partners: Old Fossils and
the Rocks That Date Them." It's a symposium in paleoanthropology and
geochronology, convened by the Institute of Human Origins and scheduled
for the University of California at Berkeley on March 16. Papers to be
delivered include "These Feet Were Made for Walking," by Bruce M. Latimer
(on bipedalism) and "Who's Who, and Why Do We Care?" by William H. Kimbel
(on the fossil record)

"In the bland suburban space of our rented Stanford faculty apartment,
the idea of embarking on an Ethnographc Mission to the interior of the
Guianas exerts that old romantic pull. It's partly the annual attack of
pure Kerouacian go-fever ("Whenever spring comes to New York, I can't
stand the suggestions of the land that come blowing over the river from
New Jersey and I've got to go"). And it's partly that Levi-Strauss and
Metraux may have been on to something when they spoke of American
anthropology as "A social disease that attacks people unable to tolerate
their own culture."

[I've always said psychologists were uneasy with themselves
(psychological misfits), while anthropologists were uneasy with their culture
(social misfits) - KHS]

Being A Machine No Defense Against Violence
A report from Passaic, New Jersey, tells us police were called to the
scene of an apparent cyber assault. When officers arrived at the scene
they found an IBM PC victim of more than a simple memory loss. The
investigators determined the home computer had received eight shots from
a .44 caliber revolver loaded with hollow point bullets (did the
perpetrator actually stop and reload?). The dastardly "dum-dum"
ammunition had done the deed all right. Despite heroic efforts, EMTs
(Electronic Machine Technicians) were unable to reboot the system--thus
a file opens on another victim of the latest craze in violent crime--

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