symbolic meaning of epilepsy

Fri, 6 Oct 1995 20:57:21 -0700

I am a physician who is interested in learning about the social
meaning of epilepsy cross- culturally. I have searched for
anthropological works specifically exploring epilepsy and
have found very few. (I am aware of Hand Trembling, Frenzy
Witchcraft, and Moth Madness: A study of Navajo seizure
disorders.) I have also been frustrated in searching the
literature on shamanism as it relates to epilepsy, since it
appears that study in this area has been hindered by the
difficulty in differentiating, in the field, between people
who have epilepsy, psychosis, hysteria or are 'normal.' I
would appreciate hearing from anyone who is doing research in
this area or knows of someone else who is or has.