misspelling names

Fri, 6 Oct 1995 19:27:55 EST

I really must apologize to John McCreery for misspelling his name,
twice, in my rambling 'discourse' on postmodernism. There's no excuse-
simply my own sloppiness in slipping over the keyboard.

I wonder if postmodernism, not in its phase 1 (deconstruction era),
but in its phase 2 (constructive era) can be understood as having
strong similarities with the conceptual frame of the scholastics
(Aquinas), the few comments of Heraclitus, and such others who
actually were focused within the scholastics (Charles S. Peirce).
I mean the best of the scholastics, not in its degenerate phase that
so angered Bacon. I suppose I am saying..that there isn't always that
much that is new in the world; human beings have thought of these
things for centuries.

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