Pomo Results

Richard L. Warms (RW04@SWT.EDU)
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 09:08:14 -0500

Now friends, part of my contention is that if you pick almost any recent
ethnography you can see pomo influence so I invite you to look to your book
shelves, pick up an ethnography with later than a mid-80s copyrite date and
you'll find statements on the author's position, motives, etc. You won't find
many such statements in ethnographies copyrite before the mid-70s.

For more specifically post-modern kinds of work I'd suggest some "classics" and
some more recent stuff (sorry I don't have time to compile a formal biography
for you this morning):

Dumont, The Headman and I
Rabinow, Reflections on Fieldwork...
Marcus & co. Writing Culture
Rosaldo (both) Culture and Truth, Knowledge and Passion, etc...
Stoller, Taste of things...
Obeysekere, Apotheosis...

Lots more stuff out there.


Rich Warms