Mediated Truth (reply to Taborsky)

John McCreery (JLM@TWICS.COM)
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 17:02:55 +0900

Ediwina Taborsky writes,

"the Mediated concept of Truth, is that it first admits that there
is no such thing as absolute, pure Truth. there is a reality, which
may be abstract or sensual..but one cannot access it/know it ..'in-
itself'. One can only 'know' it within the socially constructed (or
species-constructed) 'mediative-habits' of one's particular

This sounds like one of my own intuitions, that scholarly (aka
"scientific" ) propositions are at best approximations to realities
may never be fully known. At it's best scholarship approaches
reality asymptotically--approaching Reality as a limit but never
quite getting there. It then becomes an interesting question how
it is possible to assess some approximations as better than others.
The notion that some provide a closer "fit" to observations that
are, at least in principle, repeatable, seems like a good, if
conventional, place to begin. The "social/species" mediation enters
into the picture by constraining the kinds of observations made
and the types of inferences permitted from them. Interesting stuff
to look at anthropologically.

Taborsky also writes,

'Truth ' is an organized formulation of energy, and is contextual,
current, flexible..according to the individual who does the
formulation, the group which does the formulation. "

Here I must admit that I'm lost. Could we please have a
clarification of what is meant by "an organized formulation of

John McCreery