Can't resist a call for jokes

Jan Wilson (G1824303@NMSUVM1.NMSU.EDU)
Wed, 4 Oct 1995 11:00:22 MDT

Someone called for some anthropological jokes, and I cannot resist. Of course,
mine are in MC format, as this affords me occupational stress release.

Quantitative data : qualitative data as
A) a physical anthropologist counting dietary mongongo nuts : Geertz
peeling an onion
B) a painting by Seurat : a painting by Monet
C) a dieter counting calories : Geertz not counting turtles

A difference between qualitative data and quantitative data is
A) covered in Sandberg's poem, in which he asks, "If you ask your mother
for one fried egg for breakfast, and she makes you two, and you eat both
of them, who is better at arithmetic, you or your mother?"
B) melody versus rhythm.
C) a lot of notes which may mean a little or a lot versus a lot of numbers
which may mean a little or a lot.

Traditional food items among the Nacirema include
A) greasy hamburgers and fries.
B) hamburgers and shit -- French structuralists hope it's well-cooked.
C) eating humble pie served by Robert Johnson.

A male anthropologist is walking down the street when a beautiful brunette
female "winks" at him. The anthropological response is to
A) take some field notes and then deliberate over "winks" and "blinks" late
into the night.
B) write anthro-l about reverse sexism in the field.
C) follow that native for some participant-observation.

A Kula ring is
A) a hip-hop wedding band -- "cooler" than mainstream.
B) appropriate attire when playing with a Hula Hoop.
C) the sound most Trobriand anthropologists program into their doorbell

If an anthropologist were to specify that keeping more than three blankets per
person in a !Kung hut is "hoarding," we would say that the researcher
A) probably counted the cracks in the sidewalk as a child.
B) should take a look at the number of blankets s/he has.
C) had her/his childhood "blankey" taken away too early.

The ruins at Palenque
A) exemplify poor bricolage.
B) are beautiful but would have been more beautiful if the builders had
finished the job.
C) demonstrate the inadequacy of French structuralism.

The arrangement of animals in the art at Lascoux is best explained by
A) complexity theory.
B) chaos theory.
C) "Who snuffed out the torch?" theory.

Matrilocality is
A) Margaret Mead's personal preference.
B) the location of one's mattress.
C) the location of the maitre'de.

The difference between the California anthropologist and the Danish
anthropologist is
A) the Californian anthropologist is wiped out by work, and the Danish
anthropologist is bogged down with work.
B) the Californian anthropologist is into classic cars, and the Danish
anthropologist is into classical archaeology.
C) one eats O.J. suckers and the other eats Danish rolls.

(PS: I consider myself both a New Mexican & a Californian, so CA folk, be
cool about option B.)

IQ : Intelligence as
A) Rushton's brain : Einstein's brain
B) ordinal : integrated
C) quantitative : qualitative

As Porky the Pig said, "That's all, folks!" Jan. G1824303 at