Re: Post-modern Pre-modernism

Matthew Hill (mhhill@WATARTS.UWATERLOO.CA)
Wed, 4 Oct 1995 10:01:04 -0400

On Tue, 3 Oct 1995, Matthew S. Tomaso wrote:

> Byers and Warms have provided interesting and valuable perspectives on an
> issue which I have obsessed on so much that it is partof the fabric of my
> being. Firstly, the term 'postmodernism' has no fixed meaning and the
> condition to which it refers, postmodernity, is at best a period, and at
> worst, a paradigm. To say 'I am a postodernist' is to ascribe an identity
> to one's self for political purposes - it can not, therefore, refer to any
> 'objective facts'. 'Postmodernism' is the practice of constructing ideology
> pertaining to the self ascription 'postmodern'.
> That said, let me also state that I completely disagree with the idea that
> it is impossible to find rationalism and positivism in postmodernism.
> Postmodern writers often attempt to hide their rational underpinnings, but
> they're there! Postmodernity is an extension of modernism whose roots are
> so embedded in it that they are inextricable.
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I've begun to suspect that in archaeology as in architecture 'Post-modernism"
is no more than a fashion, not even a style, facades set against firmly
modernist but unacknowledged structures.

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