Latin American Resources database

Tue, 3 Oct 1995 12:25:04 -0600

American curriculum materials for grades 6-12 to be included in a
computer database called "Resources for Teaching about the Americas
network" (RETAnet). This information will be available for free to
Internet users worldwide.

We are searching for materials that will help secondary teachers
when forming lesson plans or teaching about the Americas. We are also
interested in secondary curricula that deals with Latin America. To have
your organization's resources included in the database, please fill out
the form below. We appreciate you filling out one form for each
resource. To ease the creation of the data base, please follow the
form as closely as possible. Please don't send us your materials;
however, if there are P.R. brochures of them, feel free to send them.
We are only creating an annotated list: educators will contact you
directly to request your materials.

The Latin America Data Base is part of the Latin American
Institute at the University of New Mexico. LADB boasts a nine-year track
record as a leader in the field of electronic publishing and database
production. LADB generates timely, comprehensive information on Latin
America through its three electronic publications, "Chronicle of Latin
American Economic Affairs," "NotiSur - Latin American Political Affairs,"
and "SourceMex - Economic News and Analysis on Mexico." These
publications and the developing RETAnet database are available via Internet.

Thank you for sharing your information. We hope that the RETAnet
database will help make your materials more accessible to educators. If
you have any questions please call Lisa Falk or Kendra Neff at
505-277-8541 or 277-6839 or email at

RETAnet Resource Database Resource Information Form

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Materials Included:
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Please tell us on which electronic discussion list you saw this notice.

Return by mail or Email to:
Lisa Falk - Latin America Data Base - Latin American Institute -
University of New Mexico - 801 Yale NE Albuquerque NM 87131-1016
Telephone: 505-277-8541 or 505-277-6839 Fax: 505-277-6837