50 years of Danish anthropology

nordeco (nordeco@INET.UNI-C.DK)
Tue, 3 Oct 1995 15:50:47 +0200

Dear fellow anthropologists!

Anthropology in Denmark celebrates its 50 years birthday on October 6.
The event is celebrated with a big party in Copenhagen. As Toast Master I
would like to call for wellwishers, greetings and congratulations - that
is IF you have ever heard of Danish anthropology. Have you ever met a
Danish anthropologist? How, where, when and what was your impression?
Anecdotes would be welcome. Have you any good advice to pass on for
Danish anthropology for the next 50 years? General anthropological humour
would also be appreciated.

Please write to anthro-l or:

Jens Sjoerslev
NORDECO (Nordic Agency for Development and Ecology)
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DK-1159 Copenhagen K, Denmark

E-mail: nordeco@inet.uni-c.dk

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