John McCreery (JLM@TWICS.COM)
Tue, 3 Oct 1995 00:00:34 +0900

Avigail Yosef writes,

"i hear from u even more intensively, then i talk to ppl
in my "real" anthropological department in Jerusalem.
especially on summer...... ;-) mayb there is less
commitment (?) here than in the real department, but
does it matter? what do u think?"

I can speak only for myself. Anthro-L is now an
important part of my life, the place where I try out
ideas that otherwise would stay spinning vacuously
inside my head. It is also a place where I meet
interesting people who sometimes share my exotic
concerns. I have likened our community to a bar, and
so it still seems to me. It's a place where I hang out,
and when one of the regulars decides to move
somewhere else I miss them. My wish is that others
would join in more actively. Too often I find our
threads unraveling, just when it seems we are finally
starting to get somewhere. I would like it to be a safe
place where speculations gambol like mountain goats
among the clouds, dancing on a bit of factual granite
that holds them up.


John McCreery