anthro-l: a community?

A-L Yosef (msayosef@PLUTO.MSCC.HUJI.AC.IL)
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 19:09:55 +0300

Dear anthro-l members,

would u like to change a thread? what about virtual community?
do u think anthro-l is a virtual community?
or do i extend it beyond the community concept?

i remember, in february, John Mcreery and Steve Mizrach talked about
virtual commun-ism. but non of them said something about what we have here.
as 4 my self - i'm here 4 almost 10 month, and in the begining i asked 4
help and a lot of ppl e-mailed me. it was incredible how ppl just
volunteered. i still owe some of them thanks, especially to Huge.
i must say that some of u mean something to me when i c your names on my
screen. a feeling like i know u somehow. not the "quiet participants" of
course. even RJ is one of the community - the 1 who violates the order
and makes provocations.
i hear from u even more intensively, then i talk to ppl in my "real"
anthropological department in Jerusalem. especially on summer...... ;-)
mayb there is less commitment (?) here than in the real department, but
does it matter?
what do u think?