Re: Race, Brain Size, and IQ

Todd N Nims (nimstod@MAIL.AUBURN.EDU)
Mon, 31 Oct 1994 20:30:05 -0600

Im curious as to how M. Rushton has deduced that the entire human
population of the world can be constrained into these three purely
socio-economic classifications of negroid/monglonoid/caucasoid. Where do
the Ainu fit in? And what of the Australian aboriginies? I thought
these gross generalizations of human variability spawned for the sake of
raising one's own social status had ceased haunting the pages of
scholarly discourse ages ago.
I was certain that it has been established that "race" doesnt exist,
Anthropologically speaking.
-Todd N. Nims
On Sun, 30 Oct 1994, J. Philippe Rushton wrote:

> Rushton Replies to David James Russell
> Thanks for the scholarly challenge. Yes, you are correct that there is
> much more intra-racial variation in all races than there is inter-racial
> variation on all traits, even skin color. IQ test scores range from
> retarded to genius in all races. On molecular genetic measures the African
> populations have the most variability of all, indicating they are the
> evolutionary oldest because they have had more time to allow mutations
> to develope. Mongoloid populations have the least amount of genetic
> variance suggesting they are the most recently split-off group with
> the least time for mutations to accumulate. The ordering in time of
> Negroid/Caucasoid/Mongoloid conforms also to the ordering in brain
> size and IQ.