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I'm Steve Rosenthal. I'm relatively new to PSN, which I got on
through my spouse's EMail. I teach at historically Black Hampton
University, where faculty do not have access to EMail. I have been
following recent discussions on U.S. occupation of Haiti, the Bell
Curve, etc., and I want to try to contribute a few comments.
Murray and Herrnstein have been supported by Roger Pearson, head
of the Pioneer Fund. What's that? It was set up by pro-Nazi U.S.
eugenicists Harry Laughlin and Frederick Osborn in 1937, with money
from textile magnate Wickliffe Draper. Since then the Pioneer Fund
has funded virtually every racist, eugenicist researcher, including
Jensen, Shockley, Rushton, Bogaert, sociologist Robert Gordon,
Linda Gottfriedson, Michael Levin, Thomas Bouchard, and Seymour
Itzkoff. Source of this and much more information is Stefan Kuhl, The
Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, and German National
Socialism (Oxford, 1994). Rushton and Itzkoff are the authors of the
other two books reviewed together with The Bell Curve in the
NYTimes. Further, according to Russ Bellant in Old Nazis, the New
Right, and the Republican Party: Domestic fascist networks and their
effect on U.S. cold war politics (South End Press, 1991), Roger
Pearson, head of the Pioneer Fund, headed neo-Nazi groups in
Europe until he moved to the U.S. in 1965. He has worked for the
Heritage Foundation with Murray, headed the World Anti-Communist
League, and was praised by Ronald Reagan in a letter that Bellant
reproduces in the book.
What does this have to do with Prop 187 in California? The Pioneer
Fund has been pumping a lot of $$$ into the Prop 187 Coalition,

Fund has been pumping a lot of $$$ into the Prop 187 Coalition,
arguing that illegal immigrants are further polluting the gene pool.
Is there a concerted effort by members of the ruling class to build
fascism in the U.S. or what?
Steve Rosenthal, Hampton University, Hampton, VA.


This reminds me of the claims, in the 1960s, of the communist infiltration of
the Left (Then again there was "McCarthyism etc)

Have you read the book?

Your "argument" relies totally on damnation by association. By this logic I
should reject your post because you teach at a "historically Black"
university and, of course, are corrupted by all those Afrocentric people
Euro bashing and writing stuff on the superiority of melanin.
Does this sound familiar? It should.

I live in California and no where have I seen anything about "polluting the
gene pool" in association with Prop 187.

Marius Johnston