Re: Why do research?

Todd N Nims (nimstod@MAIL.AUBURN.EDU)
Sun, 30 Oct 1994 18:52:19 -0600

On Sun, 30 Oct 1994, J. Philippe Rushton wrote:
> For Lane, and many, many others, intellectual curiosity, truth
> seeking, and scientific interest are highly suspect if not incomprehensible
> motives. The only motives that apparently make any sense are to become
> (a) rich and famous, or (b) political angst.

Thank God, somebody finally said it. I constantly hear "Why do you want
to be an Anthropologist when you cant make any money at it?" or "Isnt
that a waste, what are you going to do with a degree like that?"

My answer has always been...."because I want to know Why." I cant see
living without learning something new every minute of the day.

But dont get me wrong lots of money would be nice and political pull
would be helpful in getting some things accomplished but what of the
insatiable quest for knowledge? Wouldnt life be boring if we were so
limited in our thoughts and motivations?

-Todd N. Nims
Auburn University, AL