Re: Everyone, why? [was Rushton, why?]

Schilmoeller Lane C (lcs926s@NIC.SMSU.EDU)
Sun, 30 Oct 1994 14:16:45 -0600

On Sun, 30 Oct 1994, J. Philippe Rushton wrote:

> I set myself the task of seeing whether I could resolve the issue
> using a different approach.[snip]

this is not what i had in mind. what i want to know is, the situation
was there, you saw it, and said....what? what kind of thoughts went
through your mind and where did you think your research would fit in.
Notice i am saying *YOU*, i was hoping for a more personal kind of
answer, your motives behind scientific research.

> So, why study race? To explain the obvious differences that exist.
> Why do people not ask this question when a social scientist tries to
> explain Korean/African-American discrepancies in Los Angeles schools
> via the tight knittedness of Korean families, a phenomenon itself
> requiring explanation.

i am, but 'they' haven't answered yet. anyone else who wants to answer,
please do.

> It is all discussed more thoroughly in my book. It is a shame that
> so far my opponents,...

i am not an opponent, and resent such categorization. i am not pouting
or in a rage. i do not agree with your findings either. but i am
not an opponent that you can use to indirectly insinuate that others do
not have the ability to offer you a challenge.

>then at least
> among PH.D. scholars as, I supposed, existed on this net?

i am not a PhD, but an undergrad. so if i seem simple, excuse my
inexperience. but you have sidestepped my question and used my question
to insult others, i do not appreciate such treatment.

if you could answer what i really want to know, please do so. do not say
'it's in my book', i do not want to buy your book, nor do i like such a
thinly veiled endorsement for your product. i am wishing for you to
represent yourself here on ANTHRO-L. i am not setting forth a great
intellectual task, but asking for you to look at yourself and report
what you see. And I would enjoy responses from the rest of you on the
same question.

i will explain BRIEFLY why i ask. i am currently reading texts on the
sociology of knowledge, the soc of science, and critical theory. i
am wondering about the motives of researchers, such as yourselves,
rather than detached philosophers (even the reflexive ones are detached
from everyone else in some sense).

sorry to make my response so long,
yours in the pursuit of knowledge,
lane schilmoeller